J.O.R.D. Web Services is an Internet consulting firm specializing in designing & maintaining web sites. We assist businesses and individuals in establishing their Web Presence at reasonable prices.   

   J.O.R.D. is dedicated to providing professional designs at reasonable prices. We consult with you (either in person, email or through personal telephone contact), to learn what  your business requirements are, than design the Web Site that suits your needs. While taking the time to make sure the page is exactly as you pictured. We take you from the start and remain at your service during your entire time on the internet. 

   We keep you up to date as we develop your site. While using your input on the design of each and every page, we assure total satisfaction.

   Approximately 20,000 people per day are signing up with internet providers, this in addition to the 90 million people and businesses already on-line. Four business per minute are going up on the Internet. Over 19.8 billion dollars a year is spent shopping while on line. Every day there are millions of people using the internet.

   Introduce yourself and business with a customized piece of the World Wide Web.  Let your customers see the products, services and information you and your company offer.  For fractions of what you would pay for advertising in magazines and newspapers or mailing brochures, do it  with full color, animation and information all in a sleek design.

   JORD gives you the opportunity  to make your presence on the internet possible at reasonable prices for quality work.  Check some of our Client's Designs and feel free to contact them.  We make your Web Site development a pleasant experience.

   Our goal is complete customer satisfaction!